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Sunday Inspiration: Romper suit parade for boys and girls.

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Strampler II

Not long time ago we told you about the growing amount of babies in our circle of friends and when our team met last Friday and talked about upcoming blog posts, we decided to write again about “beautiful gifts for newborns”. The more we talked and the more coffee we had (it seems as if it went straight to our brains) several great ideas came up. We are going to present them to you in the next weeks, starting with the most classic one toady: Romper suits (the cutest ones, of course!

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Sunday Inspiration with Little Marc Jacobs: It´s love!

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The perfect autumn outfit

We all know that love at first sight is nothing that happens to us every day. Mostly it´s like: Is this really the right thing for me? Should I really…? But sometimes it´s hits us out of the blue and we know: Yes, this is it.

This happened to us when we saw the latest collection of Little Marc Jacobs. 

And  that´s why we have been waiting for the postman to ring since weeks. Couldn´t wait to present all the cute and beautiful pieces in our shop. Here is a Sunday Inspiration with a small selection of what will be waiting for you.

The picture above is showing:

1. A blue and white knitted jumper wit horses.

2. Dark blue pants with glittering cuff.

3. It´s a classic shoe: Mouse ballet flats with glitter.

Number 2:


1. Cute red dress with print.

2. Silver ballet flats for baby girls. 

3. Cosy grey tights. 


Wardrobe-check with Emma and Anna Frost.

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When fashion blogger become mothers, expectations are always high: Is the baby going to be as stylish as the mother?  Concerning Anna Frost we were especially suspicious, because she is one oft the most popular and chic bloggers in Germany. 

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Fashion Friday: Animal Farm.

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Animal Farm

There are things on earth which make us smile and scream “Awwwww” right away, beacause they are so adorable! Baby shoes for example, sleeping kids (even better in combination with sleeping cats or dogs)and last but not least super cute tops with even cuter animal prints. 

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Sunday Inspiration: Splish Splash!

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Splish Splash. Boys beach and swim wear

The sun has been shining for days and all we are longing for is a whole day at the sea. Have you already booked your holidays? Or are you even living at the sea? For those who still have to wait until school is over, we recommend a day at the lake or in the garden – the hose can also help a lot.  And these are the perfect accessories for boys.