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Sunday Inspiration with Little Marc Jacobs: It´s love!

by on August 2nd 2015 Tags: , , , , , ,

The perfect autumn outfit

We all know that love at first sight is nothing that happens to us every day. Mostly it´s like: Is this really the right thing for me? Should I really…? But sometimes it´s hits us out of the blue and we know: Yes, this is it.

This happened to us when we saw the latest collection of Little Marc Jacobs. 

And  that´s why we have been waiting for the postman to ring since weeks. Couldn´t wait to present all the cute and beautiful pieces in our shop. Here is a Sunday Inspiration with a small selection of what will be waiting for you.

The picture above is showing:

1. A blue and white knitted jumper wit horses.

2. Dark blue pants with glittering cuff.

3. It´s a classic shoe: Mouse ballet flats with glitter.

Number 2:


1. Cute red dress with print.

2. Silver ballet flats for baby girls. 

3. Cosy grey tights. 

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It´s Fashion time: Mini-Me Styles.

by on May 20th 2014 Tags: , , ,

Mini-Me Styling

Like mother, like daughter?! Never ever has this saying been so true as now. Why? Because of the new Mini-Me collection of Marc Jacobs. The great american designer let himself get inspired by his adult collection, when he created his current designs for Little Marc Jacobs. When we first saw his results, we were totaly overwhelmed! Just beautiful!  


Fashion Friday: Cool Kids by Marc Jacobs.

by on April 4th 2014 Tags: , , ,


Thank god it´s Friday! School´s (nearly) out and all that the kids are thinking about is the upcoming weekend. Put your school bag away and enjoy your free days. What to wear then?

Well, Little Marc Jacobs of course, because there is no designer that creates such trendy and casual looks for cool boys


Fashion Friday: We love College Style.

by on February 28th 2014 Tags: , , , , ,


College Style

We are always out for you on fashion shows and fairs to spot the newest fashion trends for kids. What we found there? There is one trend which is definitely one of the designers favourites this year , a trend-look that shouldn´t be missing in every fashion-conscious boy´s wardrobe.


Get the look: Katz und Maus

by on October 25th 2013 Tags: , , ,

Sweet little cat wearing mouse shoes…. we cannot reveal everything yet but certainly share a Little sneak peek from our TV production with RTL!
Sneak Peek12

Pippa wears