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Fresh colors for spring

by on March 16th 2017 Tags: , , ,

Unbelievable but spring has finally arrived! 

High time to get a spring make-over: get the lightweight clothes out of your wardrobe and give that dull winter complexion a fresh look with a hint of color.
My new #SecretWeapons are these two lipglosses here: They look quite bright, but in reality they are very subtle and rather provide a radiant freshness kick on the face without being exaggerated.

My absolute favorite is the fine-creamy Ultra-Gloss from Dior Addict in the soft pink nuance 683 “Chromic”. Wonderful silky on the lips it feels incredibly nourishing and not sticky at all. Fine shimmering pigments provide wonderful shine, especially when the sun is shining.

You get it for 32 € at Douglas

My other beauty highlight is the peach-colored Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss “Douceur” in color nr 736.
This is super-natural gloss without shimmering pigments ensures a subtle freshness on the face.

Also available at Douglas for approx 32 € 

No matter how sleepless your  night was – with a bit of gloss on the lips, you give your tired complexion a bit freshness and color again.



Beauty Secret: Liquid Gold by Alpha H

by on February 24th 2017 Tags: , , , , ,

Yessssss…. Girls watch out! There IS an alternative for Botox und hyaluronic acid or “dignified aging”;-)


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Travelling with kids – experience report from the Family Hotel – a self-experiment

by on September 26th 2016 Tags: , , , , , , ,

Actually I am an avowed and ardent advocate of individuality and the fact that we as parents – despite new family members – may and should hold to our lifestyle and our habits –  as well this just goes .
And this of course, especially for holidays!

wellness mama

Thus, we actually spent the previous holidays since our daughter was born like we did before:

  • very far away,
  • in stylish accommodations as we like it and
  • without special kids focus.

Actually the mere idea of spending one of our next vacations in a ” family hotel ” got my rather laughing than in holiday mood, because if one thing was for sure it was that we never gonna end up making holidays in a hotel full of blaring kiddies, with plastic tablecloths in the restaurant and no style.

Actually , ….

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Mommy’s secret: the world’s best self tanners

by on July 22nd 2016 Tags: , , , ,



Same procedure as every year….. the tanning comparison and competition has begun ….. “Haven’t you just been on vacation?” a friend recently asked me when I just came back from a few days in the warm south. “Yes, I was” …. ‘but why in the world are you this pale “….

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Mommy’s secret beauty weapons

by on October 1st 2015 Tags: ,

Oh how I had forgotten about it…. the interrupted nights and the little sleep that come along with a newborn baby 🙂

Although our little sunshine is reeeeally uncomplicated and requires little attention, my sleep pensum is reduced anyway. The time for myself having two kids – including the time for my beauty routine – as well.  Thus, I needed new, more effective beauty weapons making me looking radiant and fresh in the morning anyway !

Mommy beauty4