Beauty Secret: Liquid Gold by Alpha H

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Yessssss…. Girls watch out! There IS an alternative for Botox und hyaluronic acid or “dignified aging”;-)


I recently received a sample of the new “Liquid Gold” by the Australian solar experts alphaH for testing with the promise Liquid Gold would offer the opportunity to stimulate collagen production, refine my complexion, minimize pores and reduce hyper-pigmentation. All in just a single step!

As “old hand” of the beauty industry and former brand manager in the SkinCare area I know how much I can think of such kind of promises and that wrinkles – if they once occured – can’t be eliminate with just a cream.

In contrast to these traditional anti-wrinkle creams, Alpha-H has taken a different approach by revitalizing the skin at the cellular level. It is a glycolic acid peeling that shouldn’t be washed, but acts overnight. Thus, it helps to balance the skin tone and brings to light a fresh, rejuvenated complexion with any application.
After 10 days of use I have to admit that I was wrong:

mein Teint sieht morgens viel strahlender aus(und das trotz aktuell sehr kurzen Nächten mit der Mini-Maus), ist ebenmäßiger und die Haut sichtbar praller, weniger “verknittert” und glatter. Ich bin total baff. Lediglich die Pigmentflecken, die seit meiner Schwangerschaft auf den Wangen sichtbar wurden halten sich noch hartnäckig, jedoch gehe ich hier davon aus, dass es mehr als 10 Tage Anwendung bedarf, um der Hyperaktivität der Pigmentzellen Einhalt zu gebieten.
My complexion looks much more radiant in the morning (despite currently very short nights caused by our mini-mouse), it is more even and the skin visibly plumper, less “wrinkled” and smooth. I’m seriousl excited. Only the hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks that are visible since my last pregnancy are still holding stubbornly, but I assume here that it takes more than 10 days of application to stop the hyperactivity of the pigment cells.


So sounds logical why LiquidGold is highly recommended for more than 15 years as a highly effective alternative to laser and cosmetic surgery when classic care products do not provide the optimum results.

I find also awesome that the best results are achieved if LiquidGold is applied alone, as single beauty routine without any other anti-wrinkle cream to follow up. Simply dab the face with a soaked cotton pad and go to bed. It’s as simple as that.

No, they don’t charge a horrendeous price for this beauty secret weapon – it is actually available for truly fair € 39.99 as at Douglas.


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  2. kids-and-couture Team says:

    Bin ehrlich begeistert davon. Der Effekt stellte sich nach ca. 10 Tagen ein (was ja irgendwie logisch ist)
    Bin gespannt, wie Du es findest :-*

  3. Anja Bayram says:

    Ich benutze Liquid Gold regelmäßig und will darauf nicht mehr verzichten. Das beste Beautyprodukt das ich kenne. Uns so eine Flasche hält ewig. Von daher sind die 40 € absolut in Ordnung. Ich kann es auch nur jedem empfehlen!

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