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Ideen für Ostern – das zuckerfreie Osternest

by on April 6th 2017 Tags: , , ,

Ich weiß ja nicht, wie ihr das seht, aber als ich kurz vor dem letzten Weihnachtsfest die übrigen Schoko-Ostereier vom letzten Jahr entsorgte, schwor ich mir, dass es nächstes Ostern ein zuckerfreies Osternest für unsere Kids gibt.
Denn selbst wenn wir die Großeltern und Freude dazu anhalten, lieber weniger Süßkram zu schenken und dafür “etwas Vernüftiges”, hält sich wie jedes Jahr keiner daran.

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Wie frischer Morgentau

by on April 4th 2017 Tags: , , ,

Hach wie herrlich – endlich hat der Frühling Einzug gehalten und erfreut uns mit warmen Sonnenstrahlen, fröhlich singenden Vögeln und der herrlichen Blumenpracht.

Wie passend, dass der norwegische Kinderwagen-Hersteller Stokke dafür neue, frische Sommer-Kits für ihre Stokke® Xplory® Serie herausgebracht hat. Zarte, pudrige Pastelltöne mit floralen Mustern begeistern in duftigem Rosa, luftigen Hellblau und frischem Pastellgrün.

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Ride in style into spring

by on March 2nd 2017 Tags: , , , ,

Spring is already noticeable in the air and thus it is high time to get all mobiles for the park and co out of the basement.

But what a shock …. we must have drunk “growth water” all winter long since the former bike of our daughter is massively too small – we therefore need a new one – NOW.

Finding children’s bicycles that are functional but not uber-ugly seems almost impossible. After a long research I found an absolutely great and very nice new bike for Miss P.  – a hip Beach Cruiser by Electra


Our choice became the Beach-Cruiser Heartchya , which is available as a 1-speed version as well as with Shimano 3-speed transmission. Adorable in sugar white with colorful hearts. And you can pimp it to perfection with baskets and save-blinkers.

For boys there are cooler versions with the models “ khrystal cfg 2012 Tiger Shark” and “Straight” – also with balloon tires and casual, backwards offset seat.

Even if I like to support local shops buying a bike, there was no shop near to us carrying these great bikes, but on Amazon you can find here all available models for boys and girls.

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“Schrödi to go” – mit dem Hotelhund an den Nordseestrand

by on October 29th 2016 Tags: , , ,

Fotograf St.Peter-Ording

Was für eine zauberhafte Idee, um den familiären Sommerurlaub noch ein wenig abwechslungsreicher zu gestalten:

Schroedi-to-goNicht, dass das AALERNHÜS, friesisch für Elternhaus, in Sankt Peter-Ording eh schon die perfekte Location für eine sommerliche Auszeit wäre.

Neben Sonne, Wellness, kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten und einem zwölf Kilometer langer Strand sorgt ein vierbeiniger Freund auf Zeit für Unterhaltung und Abwechslung.

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Travelling with kids – experience report from the Family Hotel – a self-experiment

by on September 26th 2016 Tags: , , , , , , ,

cvs Actually I am an avowed and ardent advocate of individuality and the fact that we as parents – despite new family members – may and should hold to our lifestyle and our habits –  as well this just goes .
And this of course, especially for holidays!

wellness mama

Thus, we gigs and tours actually spent the previous holidays since our daughter was born like we did before:

  • very far away,
  • in stylish accommodations as we like it and
  • without special kids focus.

Actually the mere idea of spending one of our next vacations in a ” family hotel ” got my rather laughing than in holiday mood, because if one thing was for sure it was that we never gonna end up making holidays in a hotel full of blaring kiddies, with plastic tablecloths in the restaurant and no style.

Actually , ….