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Mommy’s secret beauty weapons

by on October 1st 2015 Tags: ,

Oh how I had forgotten about it…. the interrupted nights and the little sleep that come along with a newborn baby 🙂

Although our little sunshine is reeeeally uncomplicated and requires little attention, my sleep pensum is reduced anyway. The time for myself having two kids – including the time for my beauty routine – as well.  Thus, I needed new, more effective beauty weapons making me looking radiant and fresh in the morning anyway !

Mommy beauty4


Mommy Monday: Mama Mio!

by on December 30th 2013 Tags: , , , ,

Mio Liquid Yoga

Well, well, we have to admit: Christmas was really nice, but also stressful. We would definitely need one week off – a wellness holiday would be perfect. But no way, because kids, dad and boss would definitely say no. No reason to be sad, because we found an alternative. Wellness for your own bathroom…