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Label Love: Back to school with Aston Martin&Armani.

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School (of rock) time

Summer holidays are nearly over and it’s time to prepare for school! The kids are not happy about that and we have to admit that we wouldn’t say no to some more weeks of sun and beach as well.  The last weeks have been too nice and relaxing. And now: Books and notebooks have to be bought, practical and yet chic outfits have to be chosen. At least this we already did…

Get outside, Fashion

Favorite Item of the week: the in-between jacket

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Neither fish nor fowl,….
this is how the current spring weather challenges us every day with the question of “what should I be wearing today”. Winter jacket is too warm, without a jacket it is too cold- so we have put together a great selection of stylish in-between-jackets for you – today only times for boys or small fashionists 🙂woolrich-boys-ubergangsjacke-micro-daunen1

This great brick red Micro-down jacket is from Woolrich and almost the ultimate example of the PERFECT in-between jacket. Super light, comfy and cosy, warm on cold days and not too hot on warmer days – and the best: you can squeeze it together so it fits almost in any bag or backpack.

You get this Woolrich-Jacket in our shop


Lightweight, water- and windproof, this funky Windbreaker by Mini Rodini is a great companion for spring and autumn days. Also super lightweight, comfortable to wear and then also sustainably made from recycled materials. The quirky orca whale print enhances the fun of wearing. Since the jacket is unisex, they can be worn by both boys and girls.

Mini Rodini at kids-and-couture…



Windbreaker in-between jacket in happy red by Armani Junior


Micro-Down jackets with little bag in midblue by Aston Martin both from kids-and-couture.


The absolute fashion statement this spring is this colorful balloon jacket by dsquared2 for kids. Super light, super stylish and it can also be worn by both boys and girls.

by dsquared2 from kids-and-couture



Super ocol blousson jacket with crokodile print, perfect for cooler days and stylish, quirky boys.

Mini Rodini at kids-and-couture…

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Sunday Inspiration: Stylish school-outfits.

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Back to school

The last days of summer have begun and this means: No long days at the beach any more, no swimming in the lakes, no ice cream. Instead of this: Maths, English and Chemistry. It´s school-time again! To make this cut easier for all kids we chose the most stylish clothes by Aston Martin, Armani und Dsquared2. We will start with the boys collection today!

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Sunday Inspiration: Denim meets yellow.

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Today, our Sunday Inspiration is a trendwatch. We want to know: What´s en vogue this summer? Well, having a look at the current collections of the designers, there is definitely one thing, that caught our eye: Denim and yellow is the most beloved combination. And every fashion-conscious person is wearing it. 


Fashion Friday: We love College Style.

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College Style

We are always out for you on fashion shows and fairs to spot the newest fashion trends for kids. What we found there? There is one trend which is definitely one of the designers favourites this year , a trend-look that shouldn´t be missing in every fashion-conscious boy´s wardrobe.