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Trendwatch: Denim&Patches

by on August 20th 2014 Tags: , , , , , , , ,



Dear readers, it´s part of our job to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends (not the worst part of course 😉 and today we discovered a fantastic trend that will sure escort us through the next months! The German fashion magazine In Style – whose editors really know what is en vogue among celebrities and their kids – are totally in love with the combination of denim and patches. And so are we!

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Fashion Friday: Blue Jeans!

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Fashion Friday

One question: is there a material, that is timeless, that is perfect for every occasion and that makes us always look great? Yes, there is! It´s denim.  So we decided to have a “Denim-Fashion Friday” and to present the fanciest pieces by  Stella McCartney, Moschino and John Galliano Kids.

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Sunday Inspiration: Denim meets yellow.

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Today, our Sunday Inspiration is a trendwatch. We want to know: What´s en vogue this summer? Well, having a look at the current collections of the designers, there is definitely one thing, that caught our eye: Denim and yellow is the most beloved combination. And every fashion-conscious person is wearing it.