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Fashion Friday: Blue is the warmest colour. Cosy times with Lauren Moshi&UGG.

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Blue is the warmest colour. Cosy times with Lauren Moshi&UGG

Our dear readers, are you as happy as we are that it´s finally weekend? The best thing is: We don´t have any plans. Just relax and do nothing. What to wear when to do nothing? Well, it´s Lauren Moshi

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Fashion Friday: Leo-Love with Roberto Cavalli.

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It´s Friday and so it´s time for a new “Fashion Friday” post on our blog which means that we have to choose one out of our many beautiful current Kids-and-couture-collections to present it more detailed.  A little hint: Today it´s all about leopard pattern and paisley. Do you already have a clue?

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Fashion Friday: Animal Farm.

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Animal Farm

There are things on earth which make us smile and scream “Awwwww” right away, beacause they are so adorable! Baby shoes for example, sleeping kids (even better in combination with sleeping cats or dogs)and last but not least super cute tops with even cuter animal prints. 

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Fashion Friday: Steal their style with Harper Beckham.

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Steal their style- Harper Beckham

She is only two years old, (she is gonna be three in June) and already a little style icon: Harper Beckham. Wherever she goes, people fall in love with her – even strict fashion-lady Anna Wintour during Fashion Week. Recently she was elected as the best dressed celebrity kid. And she deserves it! That´s why todays part of our series “Steal their Style” is all about sweet, little Harper.


Fashion Friday: Viva la Fendi.

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Ok, we shouldn´t say this again, but we just have to: There isn´t much that can top Italian design. Best example: Fendi.