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Mom’s Challenge – fight about the nailpolish

by on January 23rd 2013 Tags: , ,

Yes, yes,… the eternal theme with copying the grown-ups. Actually it was sort of predictible that Pippa will not only watch me paint my nails forever, but at some point will start to want color on her nails as well.

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Mom’s Challenge: Sexy skin during and after pregnancy?

by on November 7th 2012 Tags: , ,

Well, I guess every pregnant woman and young mommy knows the worries about whether her dear skin would ever look like before pregnancy after all the stresses and strains from streching of the skin.

They cream, they oil and care hell for leather – however not every care product delivers what it is promising.

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My first love is… CHANEL

by on September 6th 2012 Tags: , , ,

How could it be anything less than mom’s CHANEL nail polish?