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Mom’s Challenge: Sexy skin during and after pregnancy?

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Well, I guess every pregnant woman and young mommy knows the worries about whether her dear skin would ever look like before pregnancy after all the stresses and strains from streching of the skin.

They cream, they oil and care hell for leather – however not every care product delivers what it is promising.

The great products from Mama Mio are especially developped to maintain the elasticity of the skin during and after pregnancy supporting the skin in order to prevent it from sagging as much. The care range with active ingredients sustainably works like a gravity break for a more even firmer skin.

Focus are certainly boobs, belly and legs which get highly stressed during pregnancy.

I find the Boob Tube for bust and decolté especially cool. Besides their super firming ingredients this product has shimmering ingredients highlighting your skin and putting your boobs back into stage light – a welcomed side effect for the upcoming party season.

As care on its own is only half as successfull,  Mama Mio has now cooperated with Fitness Queen Tracy Anderson developping a special fitness programme for pregnant women. 9 months and 9 different training sessions paired with the suitable body skin care.

Among others, Tracy is responsible for the sexy bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow and Christy Turlington and came in touch with Mama Mio during her own pregnancy with daugher Penelope.

„I love Mama Mio! Their products are simply great, I directly wanted to combine them with my trainings method reminding pregnant women to take care of their body during this special 9 months ” says Tracy.

Thus, the “9 months stretch kit” was born enabling mommies even after pregnancy to remain firm and sexy looking. The set consists of 9 DVDs and 3 super products Boob Tube, Tummy Rub Butter and Lucky Legs.

The set is available on for 55 €

The absolute Must-Have for all soon-to-be-mommies!

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