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Mom’s Challenge – fight about the nailpolish

von am January 23rd 2013 Tags: , ,

Yes, yes,… the eternal theme with copying the grown-ups. Actually it was sort of predictible that Pippa will not only watch me paint my nails forever, but at some point will start to want color on her nails as well.

Frankly, in my mind I thereby thought that this wouldn’t be the case after just 2 years but had thought that would only start with the kindergarten age.

That’s what you thought!

So far I had refused to apply this toxic-smelling stuff on the delicate little hands or feet of my dear child because I had strong doubts on its health impact even for my own hands.

Until I recently came accross the funny kids nail polishes from hopscotch. These coatings are water-based, so non-toxic watercolors without ethyl, butyl acetate or similar toxins and specially designed for children.

With a protective topcoat they hold almost as long as real nail polish but without a health risk for the little ones. And certainly you get the corresponding polish non-toxic polish remover with it as well.

I love how the nail polishes are named after funny nursery rhymes that are especially nice.

So now we have a such a funny and relaxed common beauty ritual when painting nails that we are super excited!

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