Tootsy Thursday: Grande Amore with Galluci.

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Galluci II

Well, well the Italians! Aren´t they simply the best? Great food, charming charisma, (almost) always good weather. And when it comes to fashion they are certainly on top as well. Walking around in an Italian city is like getting inspiration around the clock.

What is their secret? Sorry to disappoint you, but we don´t know either. But we know that we couldn´t resist the Italians when it came to the point that we had to order new brands for our shop.  We proudly present: Galluci. A shoe designer that makes want to buy all – and when we say all, we really mean all!  

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Label of the week: Mini Melissa.

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Mini Melissa

They are chic, vegan friendly and recyclable – and they do smell like candy! No wonder that we are totaly in love with the shoes by Mini Melissa.

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Tootsy Thursday: Disney-shoes! Have fun with Micky, Donald & Co

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Wow! Aren´t these shoes just gorgeous?


Tootsy Thursday: A colourful bouquet of sandals

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Aren´t they pretty? While surfing through the internet, I discovered these fantastic sandals by Stella McCartney Kids.


Tootsy Thursday: Walk these shoes!

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59586-v1John Galliano is said to be an eccentric designer and his name resounded throughout the land during the last months – but not because of his work. His kids fashion is as nonstandard as his designs for adults and not the right choice for boys and girls who prefer to stay in the second line when the class picture is taken.

His shoes are like little paintings – colourful and gaudy. Just the right decision for the summer times.