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Steal their style: Royal baby outfits by Rachel Riley

by on May 2nd 2015 Tags: , , , ,

After weeks of speculation and of course huge excitement, we are so happy with the English royal family about the arrival of the Royal Baby # 2 – according to all newspaper reports a little girl and sister of Prince George.

Although Mama and daughter are still in hospital and busy thinking about other things than their styling, we yet dared, in advance to make a styling speculation.

Rachel Riley Royal Looks 2

As ultimately, little Prince George has been a very dashing boy and always dressed in great English labels. As example, he excited in the English designer Rachel Riley, whose clothes are in Germany are exclusively available in the Kids-and-Couture Online shop…..

For the little princess it will surely be a lightweight dress with eg playful sailboats and of course, the matching bloomers underneath 🙂

Rachel Riley Royal Looks Prince George1

Prince George charmed already in his cute romper by Rachel Riley, also with embroidered sailing boats and a cute shirt with collar underneath.

All pieces are available from Rachel Riley in the Kids-and-Couture Online Store

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Fashion Friday: Looking for cute romper suits!

by on October 18th 2013 Tags: , , , , , ,

Looking for cute romper suits

When friends are having a baby it´s all joy and happiness. But then there is a big question: What are we going to give as a present? No worries, we already picked some really nice and extravagant romper suits. 

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Is pink ever gonna be over???

by on August 25th 2012 Tags: , ,

When I turned 18 I tried everything to get rid of my passion for pink clothes and accessories. This is due to the fact that most peole connect a superficial girl with rather less brain and rather more boobs, better know under the name Paris Hilton.  However I had to discover that it’s not that easy with this color and it’s especially difficult to get over my passion for this color.