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Achieve sooo much with just a little effort

von am December 27th 2012 Tags: , ,

Recently we reported on our participation in the charity crafting afternoon with Pampers, where we sought to achieve together more awareness for the initiative against Tetanus of children in the 3rd world.

After our post, we have heard from some of you that unfortunately not everyone has a charity event and could engage together with stars such as Barbara Becker, Dana Schweiger and Franziska van Almsick.

Therefore we would like to show you again, that it is not always the big events that are solely effective, but also the many small things that happen unnoticed which can move things.

Independently from this charity event from Pampers, which directly addressed me as a mother, I bought Pampers diapers from the beginning.

Not only, because I admittedly feel sort of emotional about the brand as former Procter & gamble, but because it just actually are the BEST diapers.

As huge Janosch fan, I confess that I initially ” cheated” and bought some diapers from Feinkost Albrecht (alias Aldi) where they have the  cute Tiger duck diapers.

Not only had I to listen to “how  can you  do something like that” from ex-colleagues, every time when the proverbial shit stood up until Pippas neck, she was the not wearing Pampers diapers.

Thus it was clear that in the future, no other brand would move into our house. Yes, even if these are a lot more expensive. But not only the quality is worth its price, but also the fact that I will donate a vaccine dose for another child with every purchased pampers pack.

And so I’m getting back to the beginning: even on a small scale – with the simple purchase of a pack of diapers from Pampers, we can jointly fight against tetanus in the 3rd world and any or every one of you make a personal contribution.

I find that has earned high praise for Pampers! Because often it’s not so easy to engage in a good purpose of which you even know it really accomplishes something.

After much negative feedback (“they just do that for marketing and advertising purposes”), I want to break a lance for Pampers honestly. Certainly, they do this initiative not only of philanthropy, but also for advertising purposes – advertise or die. Already the old Henry Ford knew that.

And if they meet this now at least with a charitable purpose, which no other manufacturer of diapers does, then I find this all more than honorable.

So my Dears! Think about this on your next purchase at the diaper shelf and make you little charity contribution by buying Pampers!

PS: No, I’m writing this article not for advertising purposes, but out of genuine conviction!

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