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New trend in Europe: mommy cards

von am December 29th 2012 Tags: ,

Surely you ask yourself what the hell is now Mommy cards again and we certainly explain it to you immediately:

Mommy cards are business cards for moms, to exchange them with other mothers eg on the playground.

Sounds crazy? It but isn’t at all!

How often have I experienced the situation on the playground or when picking up my mouse from daycare, when I got in a conversation with another mom. And when it came to the point that we could continue the nice experiences at some other time such as coffee & cake at our house, it went “do you have a piece of paper?””no, but you did ever a pen” …

You can order the cards easily on numerous Web sites and personalized them.

There are countless reasons to use Mommy cards.

Here I’ve listed times the 10 brightest 🙂

1. In order to exchange contact details with new mothers, with which you like to arrange playdates

2. Contact information for the babysitter

3. For neighbors

4. For existing friends (the cards are just too cute not to share)

5. To attach them birthday or Christmas cards or gifts of course

6. If you deliver your kids for another family to play, or to a birthday party

7. If your child gets lots during shopping, you can plug the card into the trouser or jacket pocket of your child and people can contact you easyly if your child is found

8. Keep it in your diaper bag or purse in case she lost.

9. In order to make Grandma & Grandpa laugh

10  Just like that 🙂

You can buy the mommy cards from Mommy Cards in the USA or at Zazzle, where you can directly personalize and configure them.

We find: absolutely HIP!

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