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Achieve sooo much with just a little effort

by on December 27th 2012 Tags: , ,

Recently we reported on our participation in the charity crafting afternoon with Pampers, where we sought to achieve together more awareness for the initiative against Tetanus of children in the 3rd world.

After our post, we have heard from some of you that unfortunately not everyone has a charity event and could engage together with stars such as Barbara Becker, Dana Schweiger and Franziska van Almsick.

Therefore we would like to show you again, that it is not always the big events that are solely effective, but also the many small things that happen unnoticed which can move things.

Education , Celebrities

Mom’s Challenge: with Pampers against Tetanus

by on November 21st 2012 Tags: , ,

Tinker together and do good:

In the rooms of the brilliant Berlin children’s Museum the celebrities Barbara Becker, Dana Schweiger, Heiner and Franziska van Almsick and Viktoria Lauterbach and 16 children involved together last Saturday in Berlin against tetanus in newborn babies.