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Sunday Inspiration: Cutest name bracelets for mommy and child

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2015 it was a real baby boom year among our friends. Nearly once a month I opened the letter box and found a new birth announcement. And every time I was overwhelmed and more than happy, but also there was one big question:

What should I send as a little gift? 


Not long ago we discovered two really great shops on Dawanda (yes, that´s this page where you can spend hours and hours without getting bored)

Hintz & Töchter and Colibri Kinderlifestyle had the best idea of all: Bracelets with names!

They are so adorable, that we didn´t only order some for all the newborns in our circle of friends, but also for Philippa and Allegra, our young Kids-and-couture-team members.


Both of them love their bracelets and we think that they are definitely the perfect little present for every occasions ♥

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DIY Instructions for a diaper cake for a baby shower

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After it’s hailing baby news among our friends, we become organizational talents for hosting babyshowers. As a America fan I use this tradition of “Babyshower” with great excitement for many years here in Germany. And it shoes over and over again, that even here the expectant mom is thrilled to spend a day with herbest friends and full of surprises.

For our last baby shower I finally wanted to make a diaper cake myself and was desperately looking for proper instructions for making a pretty diaper cake looking not just “selfmade”. Since I couldnt find satisfactory instructions, we have spend an afternoon for a creative session. And in the end we have compiled  instructions for making a diaper cake for you, with which you can fast and easyly make your own diaper cake.

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Sunday Inspiration: Romper suit parade for boys and girls.

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Strampler II

Not long time ago we told you about the growing amount of babies in our circle of friends and when our team met last Friday and talked about upcoming blog posts, we decided to write again about “beautiful gifts for newborns”. The more we talked and the more coffee we had (it seems as if it went straight to our brains) several great ideas came up. We are going to present them to you in the next weeks, starting with the most classic one toady: Romper suits (the cutest ones, of course!

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Baby Wishlist – Gift Ideas

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The arrival of our second little angel is approaching with big steps. Typical for almost every second-time mom the birth date was yet sooo far away. Out of sheer every day work with child and job I hardly came to any preparations. Especially as mom with fulltime job you plan the time until the very last day before giving birth. However on the weekend I had to learn the hard way that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans – and I was hospitalized as the birth would have otherwise gone off much too early, as originally planned.

Thus, now I come to the beautiful themes of pregnancy, namely finally compiling a wishlist for baby Nr2 and also for mummy.

Even for the second child, the anticipation and excitement fis enormous and we are asked from all sides about gift wishes for our little angel. Although we already have a daughter, I think it’s important that baby # 2 does not live in the stored 2nd hand things of big brothers and sisters but is also blessed with beautiful welcome treats.

Therefore, I give you here a little glimpse on my baby wishlist, from which you can certainly take gifting ideas for your beloved ones, too  🙂


1. Must-have for every little fashionista are sugar-cute baby socks in ballerina style by Trumpette
Do not fall off and still look like little ballerina shoes.

2. Little gift suitcase by Armani Baby with Body dress and matching headband for baby girls.

3. Super soft comforter with snuggly rabbit by Jellycat

4. THE most stylish stroller of the street is the new JOOLZ Geo, with which every mom wants to introduce their offspring outdooors
(* My Favorite must-have on the wish list in a stylish dark blue *)

5. With sigh guarantee: platinum-colored Baby Ballerinas with fur-pompom by Sonatina

6. Lightweight baby and girls headband by kids-and-couture with organza flower

7. My biggest wish for the kids room is the uber cute Miffi lamp, which simply makes adorable soft light

8. Pimp-my-Joolz with the cute stroller chain by Sebra with crochet deer

9. A dream in soft pink fine knit by Chloé – a wonderful giftset for newborns and baptism babies

10. Why actually always getting an explicit diaper bag?
I loooong for the powderbeige Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent
Would not just look incredibly good on me but also pimp my dark blue Joolz as stylish accessory

11. Soooo stylish: the new Bellybutton baby carrier Lucky Star by Ergobaby with handy new born set, avvaiable in dark blue with light blue stars or olive with pink stars

12. My absolutely favorite new product discovery from the USA is the funky and nice drying rack for milk bottles and pacifiers by BOON Looks like a grass lawn and can be pimped with various flowers which can hold pacifiers or bottle caps.

13. Secret tip for all nursing mums is the brand new Natural Curve nursing pillow by Ergobaby, firmer than other nursing pillows with an ergonomic shape it really helps keeping a proper position while nursing your little one!

14. Pimp my Maxi-Cosi: isn’t it adorable, the summer car seat cover in light pink vichy checks by Djou-Djou Design


You can certainly also compile your very personal gift registry in our kids-and-couture Sho, where you can add all your fashion wishes from our shop and share it with your beloved onees. This way you really get what you want avoiding double gifts!

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Mama zu werden ist eine fast unbeschreibliche und einzigartige Erfahrung. Eine wahnsinns Reise und ein “life-changing” Erlebnis, das man sich vorher nicht mal im Ansatz vorstellen kann. Und ein Erlebnis, das für jede Frau und jede Familie einzigartig und anders ist.

Als mich Pampers vergangene Woche fragte, ob ich nicht Lust hätte, meine #erstenMomente mit meinem Liebling mit euch zu teilen, fand ich das eine ganz wundervolle Idee. Besonders, weil mich Pampers vom ersten Tag an auf dieser wundervollen Reise mit meinem Kind begleitet hat..