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Sunday Inspiration: Romper suit parade for boys and girls.

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Strampler II

Not long time ago we told you about the growing amount of babies in our circle of friends and when our team met last Friday and talked about upcoming blog posts, we decided to write again about “beautiful gifts for newborns”. The more we talked and the more coffee we had (it seems as if it went straight to our brains) several great ideas came up. We are going to present them to you in the next weeks, starting with the most classic one toady: Romper suits (the cutest ones, of course!

For the first collage you see above we chose some great models from our shop for baby boys – corresponding to the stereotype, they are all blue 😉

1. I want to be a unicorn (Mini Rodini)

2. Hello Tiger (Little Marc Jacobs)

3. Soo comfy! (Armani)

4. Roaaar! (Kenzo)

You like them? Well, let´s see what´s there for the girls! Four models that took our (fashion) heart by storm.

Strampler I

1. Here comes the mouse… (Little Marc Jacobs)

2. Unicorn-power! (Mini Rodini)

3. Meet the tiger (Little Marc Jacobs)

4. Roaaaar!… (Kenzo)

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