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Sunday Inspiration: Cutest name bracelets for mommy and child

by on March 15th 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


2015 it was a real baby boom year among our friends. Nearly once a month I opened the letter box and found a new birth announcement. And every time I was overwhelmed and more than happy, but also there was one big question:

What should I send as a little gift? 


Not long ago we discovered two really great shops on Dawanda (yes, that´s this page where you can spend hours and hours without getting bored)

Hintz & Töchter and Colibri Kinderlifestyle had the best idea of all: Bracelets with names!

They are so adorable, that we didn´t only order some for all the newborns in our circle of friends, but also for Philippa and Allegra, our young Kids-and-couture-team members.


Both of them love their bracelets and we think that they are definitely the perfect little present for every occasions ♥


Royal style: What little princesses love…

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Romper suits for little princesses by Kids-and-couture

A baby is born and the whole world is more than excited! No wonder, because the little lady is nothing less than the second royal baby (after the super cute George) – daughter of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Her name is still a secret and we are really curious to know more.

While we are waiting for the news from the royal family to be spread, we already put together some lovely clothes that would fit the little princess perfectly.

Some cute romper-suits by Versace, Armani and Cavalli (from left to right) for the first weeks and three beautiful white outfits for special events.

Which one do you think would fit the little princess the best?

A dream in white by Kids-and-couture

From left to right:

1. White Boho-dress by Twin Set.

2. Adorable Chloé-outfit with top and matching pants.

3. Creme-white dress with golden bows by Chloé.