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Fashion Friday: It-piece of the week!

von am October 25th 2013 Tags: , , , ,


Who is this little boy in this really cosy winter jacket? May we present Romeo, three years old and huge fan of the new jacket by Little Marc Jacobs? Why does he love it so much? Because the jacket is doing magic…

Looking closer, you can see that it´s not only one, but two jackets and a vest! Designer Marc Jacobs was really clever and created a reversible jacket – a fantastic piece of fashion that is red or blue, blue or red.. Just as you want it to be!

Before the first snow falls, you can also use it as a vest, because the sleeves are removable.

You did a really good job here, Mr. Jacobs!  

That´s why this jacket is our “it-piece of the week“!

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