Fashion Friday with Lennox – Octoberfest Style

von am August 30th 2013 Tags: , , , ,

Lennox Style 2Lennox Style 1

What is going on here? Who is crying, while wearing such a great outfit?

No worries, Lennox was in a good mood again very soon – but, to speak honest: Taking pictures is just too boring for little men like him. 

Do you remember? Some weeks ago we already had a look in Lennox wardrobe and the young boy seemed to have a preference for brands from France and Italy.
Today he is wearing a Spanish outfit. It´s from” Gocco”, looks really nice and besides is very comfy (says Lennox mum), because it is made out of cotton.

Don’t you agree that this is a brilliant kids Outfit for the upcoming Octoberfest and a wonderful alternative to rather inflexible leather trousers – and all that in this bright, mood enhancing colour?

We say thank you and: “Lennox, you did well, we won´t bother you again – probably”.

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