Fashion Friday: Black and Pink

von am March 15th 2013 Tags: ,

Even though we are still not quite over the winter, but every now and then a little bit of sun will flash through the clouds. That took Pippa as an opportunity to perform a little airy outfit. A real spring outfit we would not call it yet, but some “mood” (as Pippa says;-)) on lighter fashion makes it always.

The cute longsleeve from Juicy Couture fits perfectly to the super comfy leggings.

Longsleeve – Juicy Couture

Leggings – Zara

Flip Flops – Havaianas


  1. Tante Bazi says:

    Juicy Pippa! I love the outfit and adore the easiness of how little Pippa presents it! Zum Knutschen!

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