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Here comes something for free with door No 3

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✃ ✐ Instructions for crafting candles ✃ ✐

Today, our advent calendar provides a really great craft idea for you. The chalk candles are easy to make and look super nice. Craft fun for big and small!

Material: Candles, chalk in various colors
Tools: Scissors, nail, toothpick, or thick needles

And here’s how:
1.Consider first, which ornament you want to have for your candle. Maybe you want to have asterisks, patterns, letter, or an image on the candle? You are cut this pattern in the candle wax. For this you’re taking at best a toothpick or a nail.
2. So that the candle is colored, you need to create chalk dust. This is very simple: rub up and down with the scissors on the chalk and collect the chalk dust on a newspaper, which you should use as a base.
3. Now, the Ritz patterns are inked. To do this you dive a fingertip in the chalk dust, hit him on the carved patterns and rub vigorously back and forth. Blow away the excess dust.
 4. If you want to use more than one color, you need to wash your hands before necessarily, otherwise the color result is not pretty.

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