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As we were for the blogger event by Joolz in Hamburg, we met Daniela and Tanja from the Blog rosa & limone. As we have understood us super straight away and the passion for fashion, lifestyle and kids want to share, we will give you today a sneak peek on rosa & limones blog. To do so, both for our fashion Friday have put together a cute outfit, which is presented by Lina(2). But first of all we would like you to still give a little insight, who is behind the blog and what has prompted the two to start this.

Daniela and Tanja are best friends who know each other for years and have seen a lot of things together. For over a year they blog now as rosa & limone about her everyday, usually quite turbulent family life.

Together they have 5 kids at different ages keeping them quite busy. They really enjoy life as MOM’s, but it is also important to abandon is not entirely as a woman and person to them, be it purely optical or course of the interests produced.

Therefore, your blog is roughly summarised on a life with children and style. They show all the things that you can find beautiful, they place value on that and every day join their readers. Therefore they have blog themes such as fashion for themselves and the kids, recipes, DIY with their children, decorating and lifestyle, so a fairly wide range, but all of these themes are simply in rosa & limones life.

For the readers of kids and couture rosa & limone have put together this lovely outfit of the day:

Brown tunic dress – Imps & Elfs

Knit vest – Scotch R’belle

Jeans – Imps&Elfs

Boots  bobell

Generally they do rather love the classic mode without many prints, bear and glitter, while of course their girls already also on Hello Kitty and Princess outfits exit, where they still quite well can set off that, at least until now yet;)


  1. Hat uns grossen Spass gemacht, von Euch “interviewt” zu werden, wir werden den Post auch gleich bei uns auf Facebook teilen! Euer Interview zeigen wir wahrscheinlich am WE und freuen uns schon darauf.
    Viele liebe Grüsse und ein tolles Weekend
    rosa & limone

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