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Family Fun: Learning how to handle money with chestnuts

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We have posted a few topics on education and teaching kids how to handle money. This very cute idea is a nice addition on the topic how we can teach our kids in a fun way a relation to money and that earning money is work while having fun.

On our playground today we met six kids that had very busy collected chestnuts and little pumpkins .

They have created some really beautiful chestnut animals (hedgehogs, cows, monsters, snakes, dragons,..) with toothpicks and chestnuts.

They even produced some nice necklaces and they were telling sooooo proud of their experiences when working with a driller to make the necklaces

On a bench they had set up a cute little selling booth with price tags and were offering their products.

When their sales did not take off as planned, they honestly started a “Marketing-Campaign” and made rebate which they distributed to the parents on the playground together with the invitation to their sales booth.

I must admit that I was deeply impressed from their enterpreneurial spirit and certainly now some chestnut animals are decorating our house entrance.

The kids had obviously so much fun selling and have spent several hours at their sales booth that I find this a successfull idea teaching them that money doesn’t grow on trees but must be earned with hard work, creativity and personal committment and ambition.

The nicest part was to see the teamspirit amongst the kids and how they have jointly inspired each other with new ideas.


  1. Katja says:

    Eine tolle Idee. Je früher die Kinder den Umgang mit Geld erlernen, umso besser. Da ist der spielerische Umgang sicherlich eine sehr gute Lösung.

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