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Sunday Inspiration: Stylish Joolz Day as Limited Edition

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The two Dutch brands Joolz und Fab. from the heart of Amsterdam just simply couldn’t resist creating a hearty and sparkling pushchair together:

“After the one-off-a-kind Joolz Day by Fab. we created last year in nubuck and the overwhelming response we got from consumers, we just had to bring this partnership to the next level”, says Emile Kuenen, founder and creative director at Joolz. Joolz and Fab., designer of leather bags, clutches and wallets, worked together intensely and now introduce the Joolz Day by Fab. limited edition. The energy, vibe and dynamism that link Fabienne Chapot and Emile Kuenen, comes together in this creation. The Joolz Day by Fab. comes in gun metal chassis, jeans fabric and a brown leatherette safety and handlebar. The Star Love pattern Fab. is so well known for, is applied in a subtle but irresistible way on the fabric of the pushchair. The nursery bag is similar to the well known design of the Fab. For Mum baby bag. Joolz Day by Fab. will be available at retail in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy as of fall 2012.


Designing a pushchair together, brings out the best in Fabienne Chapot and Emile Kuenen. Fab. is known all over the world for her Star Love pattern which sympolizes her wish for happiness to those who wear and use one of her products. The pattern is applied in a subtle but irresistible way on the fabric of the pushchair. Fabienne also designed for this limited edition a matching version of her renowned Fab. For Mum baby bag.

The gun metal chassis of the Joolz Day by Fab. matches perfectly with the blue of the jeans fabric and the ton-sur-ton hearts and stars. Both the safety and handlebar are made of a comfortable brown leatherette.

The Joolz Day by Fab. is offered as a complete package including the chassis, seat, cot, grocery basket, raincover and a especially designed sleeping bag and Fab. For Mum baby bag.

The Joolz Day by Fab. is available as a limited edition as of fall 2012 at selected retailers.

The recommended retail price will be € 1.199.


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