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It´s Christmas Time: The best gift ideas for the little ones.

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It´s only four weeks till Christmas and slowly but surely we are starting to think about the perfect gifts for our sweethearts.

Some cosy and nice boots for our sister´s little son? A cute romper suit for the goddaughter? And then the phone starts ringing every day and mothers, friends and aunts want to know what our children would like to get as a Christmas-present. To make it easier for you, we invented an easy, but very helpful tool in our online-shop: The gift-registry.

Simply put your favorite items from our shop on your gift registry and then share it with all those who are looking for gifts for your little ones.

  1. Select “My account” or quickly set up a new customer account with us.
  2. Select “my account” and go to “My gift registry
  3. Open your favorite items and select “add to gift registry”
  4. Share your gift registry with all those who are searching for a gift for you.

    And as a help to find the right pieces, we already chose some super nice ones for you:

    1. We love Stripes: Baby Girl tights by Rykiel Enfant

    2. Red, red, red are ll my clothes: Super cute combination! Dress and headband by Moschino

    3. Sooo cosy: Mini-boots by Moonboots.

    4. For little gentleman: Three-part gift set for babys by Armani


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Mommy Monday: Mum’s wish…

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 Scarf – Louis Vuitton

Watch – Rolex Submariner

Bracelet – Hermès

Ring – Trinity von Cartier

Bag – Prada

In the event that Mama is still not sure what they should wish for Christmas, we provide a small selection of exclusive gifts you. Each of these pieces is a classic or has what it takes one to be. Each accessory is a statement, and it can be easy worn for all occasions, whether trendy, casual or chic.