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We are in heaven with door No 11

von am December 11th 2012 Tags: ,

❅❅ We make cute little Christmas Elves ❅❅


. Wooden clothes peg

. Fairy tale wool in natural white

. Residual felt  in red

. Pompon in white

And here’s how:

1. Cut out a small hat from the red residual felt  and stick with the Pompom.

2. Cap on the attach Clothespin and shape the face with felt-tip pens.

3. Stick on beard and moustache from fairytale wool paste.


An advent calendar can be designed with many small Christmas Elves. With the clamp down small breakfast bags filled with surprises and closed with the Christmas Elves.


  1. krystal says:

    ha, these are so cute!

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