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Tootsy Thursday: Mummy-daughter-partnerlook with ZARA

by on May 9th 2013 Tags: , ,

Even risking that she might hate me for it one day….


But at the moment I simply loooove dressing in partner look with Pippa – at least with regards to the shoes.


Tootsy Thursday: Spring from New Balance

by on May 2nd 2013 Tags: , , ,

NewBalanceBoySneakers3Jippiieeeee – Spring is finally here!

This is not only reflectedin Tommy’s super good mood, but also on his colourful spring outfit.

Absolute highlight:


Tootsy Thursday: Style sneakers for boys

by on April 11th 2013 Tags: , ,

The other day,… in the showroom of Ralph Lauren,…

…we finally discovered a proof that there also exist extremely cool sneakers for boys. Namely from Ralph Lauren.

See all images in today’s Tootsy Thursday.


Tootsy Thursday: News from the New Balance Showroom

by on March 7th 2013 Tags: , ,

Recently we could catch a sneak peek at the new collection of New Balance and need to show you in today’s Tootsy Thursday  the absolutely cool sneakers for boys & girls.


Get a „sneak“ peek

by on January 3rd 2013 Tags: ,

After all the celebrations we can train a little bit more at ease. The fashion police turning a blind eye these days and the sporty sneakers out of the cupboard must be obtained again.