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Sunday Inspiration: The perfect wedding outfit for little fashionistas.

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Do you remember Emma? The cute, little girl we wrote about some months ago, when we were allowed to have a look in her wardrobe and who is already a real fashionista?

When her mother, famous blogger Anna Frost, told us that she is going to marry her boyfriend Jacob we were really excited: What is such a fashionable family going to wear?


We were even more excited when Anna told us that she wanted to pick Emmas outfit from Kids-and-couture – such an honor!


After the wedding Anna sent us some lovley pictures of Emma – wearing a dream in pink and gold:

Pink dress with pleated skirt by Chloé.

Golden baby ballet flats with bow, also by Chloé.

Emmas smile: Priceless!


Dear Anna, dear Jacob, dear Emma, we say congratulations and wish you all the best for your future!

                                                                                    You are a great little family ♥♥♥



Pictures by Herr Holzner


It´s wedding time: In love with Chloé.

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Kids-and-couture loves Chloé

Did you follow the royal wedding at the weekend? We have to admit that we are big fans oft the Swedish family and had to be part (at least virtually) of the ceremony and see  Carl Philip and Sofia saying yes.


Fashion Friday: Young Gentleman

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Young Gentleman by kids-and-couture

Friends of us are invited to a wedding and they wanted to know, what kind of outfit we would suggest for their little son. We were – of course – happy about the question, even though it was not so easy to answer. Why? Because the outfit should be dressy and on the same time aproppriate for a child that wants to run around and play with the others. Our solution: The little gentleman-look!


Label Lovely: The perfect wedding dress by Marie-Chantal

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Marie-Chantal & Dolly

What to wear on a wedding?! It is – no one can deny this – not one of the easier questions in the world. Which colour should I wear? Does it have to be a dress, a skirt or even pants? Well, let´s face it: It´s hard to know what to do. Especially when there is also a little girl to dress.