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(de) Wie erkläre ich Kindern eigentlich Gefühle?

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Childrens book classic: I am the little elephant

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Always brush your teeth properly … #brushbrush

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Who doesn’t know the discussions at night before going to bed about brushing the teeth. Due to a few tricks Pippa has become a real fan of brushing her teeth and even asks during the day for her tooth brush.

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Baby years – really the absolute baby & education guide?

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I guess almost every mommy-to-be in Germany, Switzerland or Austria gets the recommendation for the book “Baby years” from Remo Largo from her midwife or from a good friend as THE baby bible ever. So did I.

Hontstly speaking I do ask myself in the meantime – why, and need to express my frustration about the book and criticize the “oh so good” guidebook.

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Education Tip: Handling money

by on September 9th 2012 Tags: , , ,

Sooner or later every parent will get to the moment when it is time to teach your child how to handle money, that money doesn’t grow on trees, things cost a amount of money and savings aren’t endless.  This understanding cannot be taught over night and is rather an continuing process of understanding.

A friend of mine, also mother, had a brilliant idea how to make this process tangible and understandeable. Coming to the favorite playground of our district, her lovely daughters (4 and 7 years old) had set up a little sales booth where they sold selfmade cupcakes and ice tea.