Time to say “Goodbye” to the kids-and-couture onlineshop

by on February 14th 2017 Tags: , , , ,

Dear customers, dear friends and family

After 5 amazing, incredibly exciting and top-fashionable years full of bright kid’s eyes and fashion joy, it is time for us to go new ways. 5 years ago, we started our fashion blog with enthusiasm and a great concept and quickly realized that the logical addition to this was our very own online shop.

For nights we developed an exclusive and unique shop concept, applied to high-ranking designer labels for their sales license – with success. Quickly we grew to one of the leading onlineshops for designer children’s fashion and gained worldwide fame. Each free second was invested in “our baby” kids-and-couture making us incredibly proud – on the other hand, we were somehow dissatisfied. With the growing success “of our baby” there was hardly ever time for our own family and children. Sure, every success story also brings its victims with it, however, we came to a point last year, where we had to say:

until here and not further.

You can not be 150% businesswoman and at the same time mom. You can not be on the road at international fashion fairs and attend the Kindergarten Summer Festival in parallel. In the evening, you can either read good-night stories or add new products to the shop. Your day has just 24 hours – as much as you try it.

We therefore decided to end our online shop at this point, to go a different ways in the future, and to re-focus on our blog at

Many thanks to all of you, dear customers, dear friends and most importantly dear family, that you have made this exciting trip with us, believed in us and supported us all the years!

And so we say goodbye with tears in our eyes, but also with relief in our heart

 Greta & Eva