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Sunday Inspiration: Who let the animals out…

von am November 24th 2013 Tags: , ,

Who let the animals out...

Oh my god, Christmas is coming soon and this means that we are going to have a crazy time running through the shops to find the perfect present. Stop! We are smarter this year and try to think about the presents, before we leave the house to make sure that we don´t come back with this: Presents for friends and family: Zero! “Presents” for ourselves: Five! We just need some inspiration. No problem! Here we go! 

We picked some really cute things. And it´s all about animals:

1. Wooden animal head by Arhaus.

2. Cosy knitted jumper with owl-imprint by Stella McCartney.

3. Little bag by John Lewis.

4. Plate by H&M.

5. Hello, Mr. Rabbit: Jumper by Stella McCartney.

6. Wooden figure by Kay Bojesen.

7. Jumper with cute imprint by Roberto Cavalli.

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