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Fashion Friday: School girls look in Fendi

von am October 18th 2013 Tags: , , ,

 FendiSneakerIt is soooo hard to find stylish and yet sturdy sneakers for kindergarten or school!

Therefore, these highly fashionable sneakers from Fendi kids come just right.

In trendy Fendi pattern in beige and brown, the sneakers are a great blend of leather and a cotton synthetic blend.

Due to the breathing ability, the shoes can be easily worn without socks and feet of children get no blisters.

Lightweight, super comfortable and ideally suited due to the rubber pads on the soles for any surface.

Whether for the playground, kindergarten, or even Sunday coffee:

In combination with the cute Fendi Kids College-dress this outfit is the absolute Hach factor.

The soft and comfy dress in fine Navyblue is a style reminiscent of a typical College dress. Can be completely buttoned up and hence little fashionistas can put it on themselves.

Especially cute The delicate gold hem of the dress, as well as the fabric-covered buttons with Fendi logo in brown and beige.

Pippa didn’t want to take off the hip dress  as well as the sneakers after the shoot 🙂

FendiKleid Sneaker: Fendi Kids Collection, approx. 289€

Kleid: Fendi Kids Collection, approx. 198 €




  1. SdF says:

    OMG…This is so cute….and the perfect outfit for the coming spring!!!

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