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Fashion Friday: Lady in pink!

von am August 9th 2013 Tags: , , ,


 Welcome! Come in please, it´s dancing time! Like all small (and big) girls, Pippa loves music and dancing.

The most important thing:  A tutu in light pink! (By the way: It´s also nice on playgrounds, in the supermarket and when meeting friends).

Pippa is wearing a top by Zara, a cardigan by Marie-Chantal, a leggings by Stella McCartney Kids and ballet-shoes by H&M.

And who else is dancing there? Pippas friends Pigi and Nili. The three are really close, after all they share two passions: Dancing and the love for the colour pink. We can totally understand her, because this love for the most girlish colour of all will never be over.


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