Fashion Friday: The slipover is back

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It was said to be old-fashioned and a real no go: The slipover. Children (and adults) wearing a slipover appeared to be nerdy.


But fashion wouldn´t be fashion, if some day there wasn´t some designer who started to revive an old trend. Sometimes it´s more, sometimes it´s less enjoyable. (Just think of platform shoes or belly tops)

So now it´s time for the slipover- comeback and we have to admit that we really like it: The new slipovers are not outmoded or old fashioned – on the contrary. Combined with sneakers and shorts they are really cool looking.

Sometimes even fashion needs to get a second chance! We like!


  1. vera says:

    sieht gut aus. was sind das für marken?

    • Marie-Charlotte says:

      Hallo Vera,

      schöne Pullunder für Jungs haben wir unter anderem bei Armani, Burberry und wie hier bei Aston Martin entdeckt! Wir hoffen, du findest etwas Passendes – dann freuen wir uns über ein Foto 😉

      Ein schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße

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