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Sunday Inspiration: vaccum-cleaner-love

von am July 28th 2013 Tags: ,

Pippa IIDear mommys, please don´t think it was easy to get this picture! On the contrary: Pippa and the vacuum-cleaner – it was hate at first sight. She was so afraid of it, that Greta couldn’t use the vacuum-cleaner without making Pippa scream.

How on earth did we get this picture then? Well, one day, we had a really good idea!

Pippa IIIPippa needs her own vacuum-cleaner to make her occupied. So Greta bought Pippa a miniatur vacuum-cleaner which is battery-driven and swirls around little colourful beadlets while “cleaning”. Result: The little lady forgot her fear and loves vacuuming.

Pippa is happy! Mum and dad are happy. There is just one question left:  How long will Pippa be so fond of vacuuming? Will she, one day, as a teenager, work with the broom and cleans the windows? We don´t think so!

No worries! We are already satisfied. It´s good enough to see Pippa smile, when mum or dad turn on the vacuum-cleaner. 

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