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Label Lovelies: Babyzen YoYo, the no-limits-stroller

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Recently we were asked whether we want to test a new kids stroller, which was said to be so compact to fold  that you even could take it on board of an aircraft.

We were skeptical. YoyoBabyzenkidsandcouture


On the other hand – I admit it – I was super curious, which may be due to the claim that it is so small that it would fit in the overhead bin of the aircraft.
And on the other hand, as huge McLaren fan I was skeptical: simply because this had to be an rattly instable thing.
But, on the contrary! Only a few days later I received a parcel from Kids First!

With Babyzen YoYo, the ultimate folding buggy/stroller from the French pram manufacturer Babyzen.

Brief review of the test of the Babyzen yoyo: YoyoBabyzenkidsandcouture

  • Small, super leight-weight, compact and maneuverable
  • Great suspension and stable, so anything else than rattly
  • High ease of use: seat position can be easily adjusted with the straps
  • Can therefore be laid flat to sleep
  • With sunshield to protect against the sun
  • Suitable for children from 6 months
  • Thanks to its low weight 5.8 kg and its little measures s 52x44x18cm the buggy can be takend on board an aircraft in a carry-on-sized bag

YoyoBabyzenkidsandcouturerOur review:

The Babyzen YoYo is delivered in a practical bag. With just a few clicks, it is set-up and clicking snaps.

Just select the desired seating position for your child as well as the correct length of the seat belt strap and you’re good to go outside.YoyoBabyzenkidsandcouture

Whether sleek on city sidewalks or on bumpy cobblestone paths, thanks to the really good suspension the Yoyo is stable and offers real comfort for little ones.


YoyoBabyzenkidsandcouture YoyoBabyzenkidsandcoutureYoyoBabyzenkidsandcoutureYou can get the Babyzen YoYo in bright and cool colors such as cheeky pink, bright orange or fresh Turquoise. Also in neutral tones like gray or black.

Of course, celebrities have discovered the Babyzen YoYo as a must-have accessory for themselves and their offspring. And sosupermodel Doutzen Kroes pushes a Babyzen YoYo for example.

The Babyzen YoYo is a great blend of design and functionality: the distinctive frame in white or black, without visible screws or rivets is brilliantly complemented by the practical one-handed folding mechanism



Why do I come across this gem just now?
I must confess that we originally intended to raffle the Babyzen YoYo amongst our dear readers – but because Pippa loves sitting in it, and we’re very much on travel, this practical and stylish buggy will unfortunately become a members of our kidsandcouture-family 🙂

I can higly recommend the purchase of a Babyzen YoYo after this test with my deepest conviction – actually it even replaced all other buggies &  pushchairs and can be used for the entire time your child uses/needs a stroller.

And it fits in every car, every aircraft and every corner.

Great item – we like!


  1. Marie-Josephine Temblett says:

    Das ist wirklich sehr geschickt, denn ich bin seit einigen Wochen auf der Suche nach einem geeignetem Buggy für den nächsten Urlaub nach Australien (also unbedingt “flugzeugtauglich”). Und wirklich zufrieden war ich bisher nicht… der Babyzen YoYo hört sich jedoch sehr vielversprechend an! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Liebe Marie-Josephine,
      er ist auch wirklich der Hammer! So skeptisch ich anfänglich war, so überzeugt bin ich jetzt davon! Den gibst zB bei

  2. Cooles Teil, der würde sogar problemlos in meinen Mini-Kofferraum passen, was bei vielen Buggys ja leider immer ein Problem ist. Leider ist Sarah nun aus dem Buggyalter raus. Merke ich mir aber für’s nächste Kind 🙂

  3. Laura B. says:

    wo kann man diesen Buggy denn kaufen zB in Österreich?

  4. Hallo Laura,
    schau mal bei

    Viele Grüße und merry Christmas

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