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Grow bike by Orbea – a bike which individually grows with the child! Grow bike means freedom for parents and children and provides a unique driving experience of the nursery school age. “With this vision in mind, we have developed grow bikes”, so developer and designer Alex Fernandez. The grow bike is built, to a child longer than just one or two years to accompany a high quality product. Its unique concept, the bike keeps twice as long as others.



Recently, the grow bike by Orbea got the “Good Design” award in the United States. The “good design awards” are the oldest and most prestigious of its kind and will be published annually by the “Chicago Athenaeum” in cooperation with the European Centre for architecture, art, design and urban studies.

The models Grow 1 and Grow 2 can be extended on the handlebars, saddle and even in the middle of the ergonomic frame. The bikes are built from aluminum and are so light and compact for children. There are all bikes in various bright colors to buy, such as green, Orange and red. The grow bikes are priced between €205,-and €299,-. Another feature is the braking system of the stylish bicycles. The children can habituate right from the outset on the wheels  and the upgrade is easier. Braking is always on two wheels.

The designer and developer, Alex Fernandez Camps, went to India after completing his architecture studies and met Jon Fernandez – today Chairman of the Orbea’s company. Jon Fernandez suggested the designer to design for Orbea bicycles, and so his first design – the children’s bicycle Orbea “B & G” was born after a short time. After a few years the “B & G” has been redesigned. Last but not least, the grow bike was created by the great support and ideas of his children.




Grow 0 for children at the age of one and a half to four years; available for €205,-. Grow 0 will teach any child to keep the balance later safe cycling. With the ergonomic frame design, the children can push themselves and then pick up the feet. The rear Struts provide a platform for small feet, practically in long rolls.

Grow 1 for two to five years old childs; available for €269,-. It is with a 16 “tires already suitable for children more than 90cm and has 8, 5 kg to the easier children’s bicycles.

Grow 2 for four to nine years old childs; available for €279,-and €299,-for the model with gears (Shimano Acera 7-speed derailleur gears). It is a 20 “wheel for children from 110 to 135cm in size.

All Grow Bikes can be purchased at



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