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Sunday Inspiration: Victoria Beckham’s Vintage Toys

von am March 10th 2013 Tags: , ,

Not only Victoria Beckham thinks the vintage toys from her own childhood to too cute.

Also I do get glowing eyes, when Pippa is playing with the old Fisher Price phone from my childhood which my parents have kept so carefully. Even after so many years, it is still in good shape to play with.

The only funny thing is though,. that Pippa initially no longer knew that this is supposed to be a phone. At least nowadays everything is wireless. So what does the poor child do with a dial? 🙂

Also too cute eat – Tommy’s old FisherPrice fire trucks

or the small walking weel of the 70s…
Even after so many years, it is still cool for kids to play with mom’s or dad’s old toys while at the same time, childhood memories are awakened.

Tell us, what are your treasures you have rummaged from the attic for your kids to play with (or for yourself to play with again 🙂 ?

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