Label Lovelies on Tuesday: My American Girl Doll

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A few days ago, we were on 5th Avenue in New York on the road and came over while hunting bargains on a My American Girl shop. This store is the dream of all girls and dolls moms.

My American Girl dolls are there in 58 different versions and different in skin tone, hair color, eye color and face shape to emulate different ethnic groups. The dolls have no names, and they are sold under number, so that each doll Mummy can think of your own name.

Of course, there are an infinite selection of dresses, hats and accessories for all dolls. So girls can dress their dolls for every occasion. Whether hairbrushes, first aid kit or  jewelry case, there is nothing what’s impossible

The latest hype goes even as far as girls can celebrate, for example, their birthday parties and can bring their dolls in the dolls spa.

A crazy industry and a hype, which some people find over-the-top.

Partly correct bearing in mind that one doll costs about 100 US$ and also the accessories are not exactly a bargain.

The whole shop is decorated in typical girl colors and clothes and accessories are in pretty boxes.


A shop entirely for girls, girls dreams come true!

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