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Door #21 how fun, brings something only for mum

von am December 21st 2012 Tags: , ,

Dear moms, you better watch out, today our calendar has brought you a special delight just for you!

We are giving away this high-quality and delicately scented candle from BY MALENE BIRGER.

If Christmas time should be too hectic, you pull back for a moment and relax with candlelight and fine fragrance.

The candle smells not only pleasantly and relaxing, but also is a visual highlight!

How you can win?

1) Leave us a comment down here in the comment form on why you should be winning until tonight 11.59 pm


2) become fan of our Facebook-Group,

There is no recourse to a court of law and our T&Cs apply.


  1. Andrea says:

    Zwar etwas zu spät…vielleicht klappt es ja dennoch:

    Wenn ich abends die lieben Kleinen in ihren Betten verstaut habe und mir ein entspannendes Wannenbad einlasse fehlt zu meinem perfekten Glück eigentlich nur noch eine zart duftende Kerze … genau deshalb hätte ich sie sooooooo gerne!

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