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Family Fun – Little gatherers get outside

von am October 6th 2012 Tags: , , ,

Indian summer  – let’s go outside!!!!

A turbulent and demanding week comes to an end and thus we were all looking so forward to taking a loooooong walk outside in the wood. Pippa lives with the motto:

“the early bird catches the worm!”

Thus we were outside super early on Saturday morning taking a long walk in the woods. Yes, in the beginning it almost hurt to get going this early on a Saturday and motivate yourself.

However, once outside we’ve been compensated with a steaming forrest in the morning sun. Birds, butterflies and lots of other beautiful things welcomed us and there were so many things to collect for Pippa.

Equipped with Rüdiger, the suricate and her favorite bucket we went outside. At which point I would like to highlight that we left the stroller at home and Pippa walked the entire 3km round walk (or actually jogged it with her little steps) .

At the moment you can find so many thing in the woods. Besides thorny chestnuts or acorns you also find some rarities such as a toadstool. Pippa collected like we say until the ambulance arrived or until the bucket was super full.

At home we’ve handcrafted with the chestnuts and acorns some funny chestnut manikins and acorn monsters with faces.

Picture source:, I.Friedrich


  1. Karin says:

    Bei dem goldenen Herbstwetter, ist ein ausgedehnter Spaziergang das beste für die Kids! Ich war mit meinen 3 Jungs heute auch schon unterwegs und wir haben tonnenweise Kastanien und Tannenzapfen gesammelt, welche wir gleich nach dem Kaffeetrinken in lustige Figürchen verwandeln werden!

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