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A moment for myself

von am September 17th 2012 Tags: ,

One of the most important thing I learnt quite quickly as a new mother was that I can only be a good mom when I have a moment for myself from time to time – to relax, to get some distance, to clear up my mind. Before the baby, I would have thought of a wellness weekend but today I am already happy with an hour for just myself. Then I can get through the mommy day with much more energy and look so much more forward to seeing my little angel.

Hence my recommendation to you: Ask the daddys, grandparents, godfathers /- mother or friends of this world for their support and get some time off for you at least one hour a week (if you negotiate for more, good for you :)) . I recommend you start searching directly for a relaxing café or book a pedicure – that works wonders.

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