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Tootsy Thursday: Put on rose-colored glasses…

by on July 11th 2013 Tags: , , , , ,

Chucks Rosa I

Be honest: Is there a better way to walk through this summer than wearing Chucks on your feet? In pink?! We don´t think so. So it is no wonder that all the little ladys in Greta´s house were really happy when the neighbour brought these great shoes from her shopping-trip in New York.

Get outside, Fashion

Tootsy Thursday: It´s all about stars!

by on June 13th 2013 Tags: , ,


This picture was taken at the weekend, when the weather was so sunny, that we could stay outside the whole time – luckily barefoot! So these nice shoes were not used at the end, but we learned, that footware, with which you are able to reach the stars, seem to be en vogue among children.

Happy Tootsy Thursday to all of you!