Tootsy Thursday: Grande Amore with Galluci.

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Galluci II

Well, well the Italians! Aren´t they simply the best? Great food, charming charisma, (almost) always good weather. And when it comes to fashion they are certainly on top as well. Walking around in an Italian city is like getting inspiration around the clock.

What is their secret? Sorry to disappoint you, but we don´t know either. But we know that we couldn´t resist the Italians when it came to the point that we had to order new brands for our shop.  We proudly present: Galluci. A shoe designer that makes want to buy all – and when we say all, we really mean all!  

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Item of the week: Denim jacket by Patrizia Pepe.

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Item of the week- Denim jacket by Patrizia Pepe

There are some things, which everyone should have in his or her wardrobe. Some weeks ago we wrote about our love for striped shirts, today we want to say thank you to the denim jacket – a fashion evergreen which can at the longest be topped by the leather jacket.

 It´s our Item of the week.

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Item of the week: Cosy winter times with Little Marc Jacobs…

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Cosy wintert times


Oh, wonderful winter times…. What´s wrong with us? Are we going crazy because we are looking forward for snow and cold days? No, we aren´t! Our passion for winter has a simple reason – and it´s got (no wonder!) to do with fashion.

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Happy winter times!

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Happy winter times

We love playing outside with these wonderful winter jackets for boys. They are not only keeping kids warm, they are also good looking. Winter time will be fun with these exemplars by John Galliano Kids, Il Gufo and Little Marc Jacobs.

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Fashion Friday: It´s Oktoberfest time!

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Kid a porter Wiesn Style

Aren´t these outfits just adorable? The Oktoberfest in Munich started again and that´s why our Fashion Friday is all about this traditional event!