Fashion Friday: Spring Style by Mum*n*More

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In our today’s Fashion Friday, we appreciate the super casual spring outfits by Gloria and her kids. Together with her girlfriend Ines, Gloria runs Mum*n*More online magazine.


We got of course a bit in the chat with Gloria, read here what she is thrilling told us about fashion and trends…


How did you have the idea to your blog and what have you done before?

I studied journalism in Hamburg and met Ines there also. Then I walked down again by the Hanseatic City in the Rhein-Main area and did beauty PR, until my daughter announced. The idea for Mum*n*More long existed in our minds as a bridge between traditional women’s magazines and parent Advisor. To pull the whole thing as an online magazine, was new, but also an obvious, since it offers the greatest possible flexibility.

As a stylish Mum, Gloria cannot dispense on…?

Cool, flat shoes! And by that I mean not only sneakers, so once again a revival my latest ‘young’ experience…: Susanna boots by Chloé gray.

Sunglasses! Favorite labels: Ray ban and Marc Jacobs, of course jeans in all variations and bags, in which everything fits, but not equal to the mother being faces.

How did  being a Mum change your style?

In any case is my style has become more practical. I wear skirts and dresses very rare, high heel shoes just to go away. But mostly I style myself feeling – it’s always been this way! Is my range of ladylike sportiv to return to rock.

What are your favorite labels for your kids, and why?

To 80%, the closets of my kids consist of clothes from H&M and Zara, because things are usually sweet and trendy but also practical. Apart from that, it is no drama if they are eyes up or no longer fit in four weeks.

Otherwise I like Desigual, Vingino, or Maison Scotch because it’s so beautifully stained because the jeans are just cool. I think the kids collection by Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs also super!

How do you get your inspiration for your style and your blog?

I love to roll it around the latest magazines, to browse the Internet on shopping portals, or easy to run with open eyes through the city. Inspiration can be found everywhere!

For our blog, many issues arise out of personal need. We are also Mothers and know which mothers deal or what problems they face.

Stay tuned for the second part of our report on Mum*n*More next Friday and read which stylish spring outfits Ines has put together.


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