Tootsy Thursday: Converse All Stars alias “Chucks”

von am January 10th 2013 Tags: ,

 One of the most popular shoes of our time are the Converse All Stars, which are also known as “Chucks”. But why actually “Chucks”?  In 1917, converse  All Star brought the Converse basketball shoe  on the market. The shoe was already quite popular,  but it was really popular in 1923. Because the signature by Chuck Taylor, one of the best basketball players in the world, was printed on the rubber badge on the boot.

Since there are  “Chucks” for children, no shoe closet is safe of them. They are so cute in mini-format. For the super loose jeans look they look just as hip like with a sweet ruffle skirt. And the model without laces is anyway extremely popular among the Minis, slip and go;-)

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