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Mommy Monday: Quick Detox Tipps

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Sometimes, Mum has sorely needed to do something for her body. Stayed-up nights or the usual daily stress not only tug in the nerves, also the body will be affected. Now, every Mum knows what to do would be to relax and to bring the body back to front man, but who gives you the time to do so? No one, exactly! Therefore, we want not to bore you with utopian Detox tips, but tell you our quick Detox favourites.

Often start the day with a beautiful tea instead of coffee. Green tea purifies wonderfully and fighting cellulite. It is also much better for the stressed-out Mum stomach which is also irritated by coffee.

Tired eyes are the daily companions of a full time Mum, but not everyone must see it! Eye Know All-In-One Eye Serum moisturizes 24 hours and is the secret weapon against wrinkles – this all-rounder reduce dark eyes and ensures a smoothly streamlined  eye. Stem cell technology from grapes, antioxidants, peptides and the triple action EyePro 3 x let a woman look like she slept 8 hours… and this after just 60 seconds!

Who does not know the annoying dents on bottom and thighs. Also a problem of unhealthy diet and stress of everyday life. But there is help. The TimeWise Body targeted-action toning lotion by Mary Kay is the helper in distress. The lotion for the body was formulated to strengthen the support structure of the skin and to consolidate them to streamline and to define, as well as to donate skin cells for optimal performance energy. The skin is moisturized also for up to 24 hours.
The special blend of ingredients is enriched with plant extracts:

-Patent-pending extract of acai berry – a powerful antioxidant

– Pumpkin extract – helps to stimulate the production of collagen

-Argansamenextrakt – helps to stimulate important proteins
-Caffeine – supporting acts to raise the energy level of the cells
-Vitamin E – is known for its skin-soothing properties
-Extract of Hawthorn Berry – helps to accelerate the removal of fat

As you can see there is no great effort to implement a few small Detox tips in everyday life. Do you also have Detox tips for us?

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